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    Are product colours in the web shop always the same as those delivered?

    Yes. Blue is blue and pink is pink.

    However it is important to note, a photo on your screen can always look a little different to the actual product. It depends on a bit on your screen type and settings. Even on the best screens, a photo will always give a slightly different impression than a hard copy or the item in real life. We will try our best to give the best and most descriptive details on all our products to help you on this matter.

    Are the product dimensions always exact?

    Many of our products are handmade and therefore unique. Dimensions can, therefore, differ slightly. Because Babygrow Clothing always aims to provide you with complete and reliable information, we will always give you at least a good idea of the dimensions.

    How do I choose the right size clothing?

    Here you will find a link to our Size Charts to help you choose.

    But always remember, a girl is not a boy and an elephant is not a mouse.