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    The story of PaaPii

    PaaPii is a Finnish design company, that sprung to life in 2011. Anniina Isokangas was filled with eagerness, inspiration and courage, as she turned her beloved hobby into a – then – small business.  At first PaaPii produced small amounts of stuffed animals and interior products – and also fabrics, printed by hand. As the years passed, PaaPii moved to industrial production and brought clothing lines for babies, children and women for sale. Since 2017 all of our clothes have been made in our own sewing factory in Kokkola, Finland.

    Inspiration for PaaPii’s clothes comes from everyday life – nature, poems, and people too. All of PaaPii’s clothes are designed and sewn in our own factory, which works on solar power. We make our clothes with the sun! Our fabrics are made of organic cotton and are suitable for sensitive skin. We value the fact, that our clothes are made ecologically and ethically in Finland.

    “We here at PaaPii want to do things right and well – it has worked great for us so far!” - Anniina Isokangas

    In the past decade, PaaPii has grown from a modest crafting business into a beautiful success story. Today our fabrics and clothes are sold all over the world – on four different continents! PaaPii has sixteen employees and produces nearly 60 000 garments annually. We hope that our future will be as joyous as our journey has been so far!